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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

I got diagnosed ten years ago with PCOS and had no idea what it even was. The first thing I can recall that a Dr. said to me that might have given me a sign that I had PCOS was back when I was 21 and was told it would be unlikely I would ever get pregnant. I had no other explanation why or the cause of it. The second sign I had was when I was 22 and I had a cyst the size of a softball on my right ovary that they wanted to surgically remove. I went in after being put on antibiotics for another scan to see if they were going to operate to find out it had shrunk and that I was pregnant with my first child. Not until I was 37 would I find out that I had PCOS from my Dr. wondering why I felt so lethargic and had an appetite out of control. He did a pelvic ultrasound and found that I had three strings of pearls (eggs) around my ovaries. He then did a diabetes test on me (I had not eaten and it was an early appt) and said I was diabetic. I was told nothing other than to take 5 different prescriptions. One for depression, one was birth control, an other was for diabetes and I do not remember what the other two were for. I cried on my way home from that Dr. office visit and something inside me said to not go fill those prescriptions. So I just drove past the pharmacy that I had detoured to go by and when I got inside my home the first thing I did was looked up PCOS. I found out that it leads to diabetes, blindness, depression, anxiety, facial hair, thinning hair, hard to conceive, obesity, insatiable appetite and so on. Then there was a list of foods to avoid and that was about it.

I made a decision then and there that I was willing to make diet changes and start to exercise because it was so beneficial in regulating blood sugar, insulin levels. My next thought was how do I have all my tempting foods in my home and not cave. So I sat my family down and explained with tearful eyes that I needed their support. My kids mentioned what about their favorites like goldfish and cookies and I said I would make things home made that were better options and have a little of that in a basket for them during this transition phase.

Next on the list was to become more knowledgable about how to eat and get it in my home and clear out all the processed flour and sugar laden foods. I had this done the next day and had bought a few diet books that spoke to me. And when I say "spoke to me" I mean I was listening closely to my prayers being answered as to what was going to help me the best way possible.

This week right here changed the direction of my life forever. It was the foundation and roots to my purpose in life, to help as many women as possible have the right information and support to a healthier happier life. I have learned so much along this journey of mine and with so much gratitude in my heart. I am very confident that I can help anybody with PCOS heal and not have to deal with the yoyo dieting, depression, anxiety and all the other symptoms that come along with lovely PCOS.

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