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Great visual to use to stop emotional suffering.

Along my journey of self love and enlightenment I have had visual lessons pop into my head to help me let go of the thoughts that seem to be on repeat and cause me suffering. This year I have had so much I was pushed to delete as I saw it was becoming my true life reality and I honestly was in flight or fight mode for what I know is possible and that is I knew in my soul that it is was possible to have daily happiness and satisfaction in all that I create from my perspective of reality.

I am going to be writing of several dreams and moments where I have been inspired of how to continually evolve and become the best me. As a life and health coach I can only take my clients to where I have traveled myself and breaking up with old thought patterns and beliefs sometimes feels worse than just staying the same. But it has been my experience that each day of consistency that things get better to a point that it no longer has a hold on you and is no longer your belief or habit you have to battle.

When you have experienced great suffering from past relationships and go into a new one and they have had a few themselves many times you will find that your both have triggers that can sabotage your relationship and cause immense suffering from fights to trust issues to holding each other back out of fear. It becomes the same record you played before just a different name on the album.

If you will visualize that you are standing in front of a cd player or record player and there is a pile of cds. As you are the the moment recognizing your emotions being pulled in a anxious, sad or angry place stop immediately and visualize that you have just picked up that cd and have a choice to put it in the cd player ad play it or put it back down and say no this is old and I do not like this music. It only make me feel...choose your emotion here. You can even set it down and visualize crushing it. Then picture your self picking up a bright colored cd that you know makes you so happy. Think in that moment of things that make you happy, are grateful for or love. Now that is the best cd to listen to and you have now been pulled out of the suffering loop and will not spiral down into a place hard to get out of. What you think creates your emotion and your emotions will create your reality.

So let me give you an example of this. If you are fearing your new partner is going to cheat on you you will always be able to find something each day that you could assume would be how he/she is doing so. Whether it is at their work, they say they are going to the store or to visit a friend. They pick up their phone to look at it or walk into the bathroom with it what are you thinking? You are now triggered and suffering. But this fear and you confronting them or checking in on them only makes it so you do not have peace if they are not right next to you. They will feel your anxiety and sadness and this is only going to hold back your love from expanding. In many cases the other can not handle the constant having to prove that they are not cheating and the relationship becomes toxic and ends. This is a self protection reaction because you never want to go through that pain and disappointment again. SO you try to control the other person's actions. The only control you will ever have is yours and how you feel.

Let go of that cd create a new cd of trusting in the one you love. Do not put that old cd in and press play ever again! Instead put in the cd of all the things that he/she has shown you how much they truly love and appreciate you. Focus on that and watch things change for you and your partner in ways you thought were never possible. This will be life changing and create so much peace that you will become hooked to that feeling and not the old addiction of pain. I have walked this story and can tell you there is a time that you truly have peace and you can look at this cd crushed into very small pieces and very proud of the consistency of being mindful of your thoughts and not attached to them.

GO ahead and ask yourself what cd have I been playing on repeat that makes me feel sad, angry or frustrated and you be the creator of your new cd that is what you truly want to hear playing. Its always a choice. Choose peace and happiness.


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