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Pulling yourself out of depression

My life lesson number two I want to write about is the importance of seeing your spirit or soul as one that wants to pull you up out of the pit you have fallen into when you are struggling in life. One of the number one things you can do to pull yourself out of depression, anxiety or worry is to start a gratitude journal. Believe me, this is probably going to be the last thing you want to open up and start because if you are like me I sat there with a pen in my hand and had such a heavy hopeless heart I was struggling to come up with one. Then I felt bad because hello I have 3 wonderful children and I am grateful for them. This was where I started with number one for several days. On day three I found myself coming up with things faster.

If you want to pull yourself out and stay out of the suffering place then invest in the book by Rhonda Byrnes called "The Magic". It is 28 days of guided gratitude and it changed my life and everyone I know that has read it has had a totally life-changing experience. Once you have felt the happiness this book brings you will never be the same. When you know better, You do better and that is what this book will show you.

As I have gone through my life since I found this book I will find I start to have moments where I see negativity creeping in and I feel more frustrated in how my life is going. Every single time I will go to the question, when was the last time I wrote in my gratitude journal? Guess what every time it has been at least two days. I miss writing in it here and there but for 2020 it is very rare if I miss and it has made all the world of difference in how I react to life circumstances. I look at it as a bright light surrounding my soul, protecting me in a way from unnecessary suffering or reacting to negative situations.

How has being grateful affected your life?


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