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You are a butterfly sailing by the spider's web

I called my father one day and had been calling him for help for several weeks because I had broken off a relationship and the person was not leaving me alone. Most would say he was stalking me. The thing is that at the time I had not been able to sleep and everything seemed bigger than it really was. I was weak and never had experienced a narcissistic relationship before. Yeah, I know it sounds like if you have been reading my posts, that I really knew how to pick them. But there were only two, after the second one I took one year to find myself and promised I would either be single or he would have to really add to my life to be in a relationship again and I would have to add to his in a very positive way.

I knew the signs to look for by now! I learned that they prey on kind hearts and one conversation with them you will find out that it is everybody else's fault for why bad things happen in their life. Seems like everyone has done them wrong. They have their game down in so many ways it obvious to me now. When they show you their true colors believe them the first time. They will never change!

Back to my conversation with my father. I had called to tell him I was having a hard time not talking to him because he showed up at all the places I was expected to be. He would find me outside of several different gyms to talk and didn't know what to do. My dad had learned to teach me through visual lessons and said something along the lines of you are this beautiful butterfly why do you keep on getting close to the spider's web to be bitten and hurt? He had worked with people in prison and mental health and explained to me that I have the power and control to not have communication with this person.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was walking outside of a gym and guess who was standing next to my vehicle? Yes there he was and I was having a weak moment. I still cared about him in some way and yet wanted to run. He talked to me and in the middle of our conversation, he grabbed me tight and pulled me away from leaning on my SUV. He said, "a spider almost crawled on you!" he released me and as I turned around to see this spider as big as a pinhead, yes that small, I had my big daddy-daughter light bulb moment ding in my head! Now here I am literally living out what my dad had talked about with a dang spider as my come to earth moment. Just before this had gone down he had asked to come to his place for lunch. No more weak moment for me! I was in my car as fast as possible and as I drove off I just smiled and thanked my dad for knowing how to embed something important in my brain.

The importance of no communication is real if you are really going to move on and be the person that isn't on a fast track to nowhere. Do you have any advice that you have been given that just clicked one day and truly helped you out?


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