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Ashlyn and I both have walked our journey of trauma, being a victim, and survival. We sought guidance in our darkest hours and were led into self-awareness,  healing, and self-love. 

On this journey, we were greatly inspired to become educated in how to transform our own lives and this has evolved into our Now Thatz Love coaching business coming together and moving us deeper into spiritual fitness as one of the fastest ways to holistically become healthier, stronger, and whole.  This is a unique program Divinely guided that in just a matter of weeks, our clients are writing and saying their lives have shifted and the peace and freedom they feel are being seen and felt by all those around them. There is the body changing in front of their eyes but how they feel within is what is priceless. 

We now feel the strong desire to create a larger community so we can reach and serve the masses in a way that there is no limit to whom we serve and for all those who may need help and can feel held and loved as we have on our journey.

So our new YouTube channel is in the process and we are building a community there to gather and we would love to have you part of it all.  Let us know if you found us through our website in the comments.

If you need some personal one-on-one transformative guidance please email us with the link provided and we will be in touch ASAP.

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Lake Worth, TX


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