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About Janae


Professional Life Coach

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Master Trainer

Holistic Mind Body Spirit Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Published Health and Fitness Coach

Spin Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor

Transformation Specialist

CPR Certified

First Aide Certified

Recreational Therapist

My Story


     Back in 2009, I had a health scare wake-up call. I had three children, the youngest one being 6 years old, and I found myself not wanting to get out of bed to get my kids off to school for a week, which was not my norm. With major guilt of not getting them off to school like I normally would do and leaving that to my husband to do I decided it was time to schedule a Dr. appointment.  I went in to find out that I had gained over 30 lbs. over the past year and left there holding 5 Prescriptions in my hand.  I drove home really upset and not wanting to go down the road of taking any pills I just drove past the pharmacy and upon arriving home I turned on my computer and started researching my diagnoses- PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), diabetes, and depression.  How had I gotten here?  I had thought I was pretty active physically and knew what to eat but It was 100 percent my diet and not understand the insatiable appetite that someone with PCOS has with food triggers like sugar, lactose, and gluten.  This was all news to me.  I was insulin resistant and had no idea.

     This was a life-changing moment for me and I knew after reading about my disease I had to make some drastic changes in what I was eating and doing to handle stress and my excuses of why I could not get away to exercise.  I talked with my family and we got rid of the processed food in our house and I began making everything with whole foods.  The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno was my beginning point.  Next was to push me to go to the gym even though I was so uncomfortable about how I looked. I would walk in and rush upstairs to the cardio machines and commit myself to 60 minutes. My goal was 1 pound a week. 

    Jumping forward 6 months I had gone from 168 to 126 pounds. I started taking cycling during this period and weight lifting classes.  I found one of my passions by doing this and I became a licensed group fitness instructor and Mad Dogg Spin Instructor certified. Leading me right into doing what I had done back when I was 17 and started teaching Aqua Aerobics as well. 

     In 2012, I continued in the fitness industry by doing boot camps, personal training, and sharing my healthy treats with those I worked for.  Before I knew it I was making my treats for LA Fitness's smoothie shop and catering parties that wanted healthier appetizers and desserts. 

     I ventured from there into Fitness modeling and dancing on stage at NPC fitness competitions.  Every single day I absolutely loved what I got to do.  I could relate to those frustrated with the yo-yo diets and I had a solution for them from all the many hours of educating myself and attending the Health and Nutrition Institute. 

    It was not a miserable journey to get to where I am now. It was a blessing to have happened because through my challenges I have learned so much about how to help myself and others.  

     Anybody that has worked with me as my client  I believe has felt my passion for helping them transform their mind as much as their body.  My unique approach to breaking old habits and beliefs that have been holding them back from weight release and optimum health is what makes their transformation amazing and they always have others asking what they are doing because they exude confidence and happiness within themselves.  My 90-day transformation program is where it all starts and is an investment that can change your life in the most amazing way forever.

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