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"Janae's approach to health and fitness encompasses the whole person; body, mind, and soul. You can get a meal plan or a workout routine anywhere, but the X-factor is certainly something that you get with CYMBFitness. If you want to go to the next level, work with CYMBFitness." - Andrea Porter Lutz

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"Look no further. Diamond in the rough. A rare gem. If you want that everlasting impression, that permanent lifestyle change, to have the physical as well as mental transformation, then Janae is your girl!  She is unique and a Class A trainer that will genuinely care and guide you to your fitness desire goals. And she truly understands and cares for each of her clients.   My personal transformation story with Janae was I had approached her post-divorce, a little a month into it, I had gained so much weight through the stress.  I started at 196 pounds and 34 % body fat.  I entered a 6-week challenge, determined to win by losing 20 pounds or 6 % body fat. Through her individualized training, life coaching and nutrition planning I did it!  I won the challenge and lost an average 2-3 pounds a week.  I ended up in that short amount of time losing 6 % body fat.  I am loving the results!" -Christine Camama

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Exercise has always been important to me!  Stress of nursing school, a diagnosis of hashimtos, a pregnancy and ultimately the loss of my mother and grief sucked joy right from my life as well as all the other things I found important. I met Janae and she brought back so much more than just exercise into my life.  In 14 short weeks she retrained my body not only physically but most importantly mentally.brought me to a place where I could look through grief and not feel guilty feeling joy.  Together we've lost 16 pounds, lots of stress and in turn added muscle, confidence, challenging workouts, balanced nutrition and so many laughs! She's helped me put back a better version of my old self. I'm forever grateful to have Janae come into my life as a coach but above all full of gratitude for a beautiful friendship.



Johnny had a goal to lose 100 lbs. in one year and he did it in 10 months.  - "Janae is simply the best trainer.  She also meal prepped for me and helped me learn how to have a different relationship with food. I learned how to make this a lifestyle and am a different man with confidence and success in all areas of my life."  Janae is Simple the very BEST!


Madeline Z

I came to Janae with a lot of sadness and turmoil in my life. She has opened my eyes to much needed positive inspiration. Not only have I seen amazing results as I watched my body transform but her sincere dedication to see each and every one of her clients reach their goals physically, emotionally and spiritually has been a true blessing! Thank you, thank you for being you, Janae. May God continue to bless you with your special gift in helping others achieve their goals. You are an awesome trainer, fitness and life coach! I am truly Blessed to have connected with you!

Madeline G

Before I met Janae I was a bit lost on my fitness journey.  I needed guidance and that special push to further my progress. I learned so much about my mentality, how much I'm capable of and simple how to balance my lifestyle without losing my mind. Any time I felt down, super hungry, tired... you name it, she had a solution.  I started out at 172 lbs. and now I am finally down to 157 lbs. All thanks to Janae's endless motivation, kind words, and life hacks, I am able to continue making great progress. I really love my time with her.  She is such an amazing soul with the biggest heart and I couldn't have asked for a better health coach/trainer to give me a jumpstart on my journey. I appreciate everything she did for me and I can forever call her a friend!


“I came to Janae wanting to feel more confident in my skin.  She helped me with that and to my surprise, she also transformed the way I feel about myself.  The number one thing she started with was to be aware of my thoughts.  Know they are not truly who I am but just my egoic mind- programmed auto-thinking.  It became my natural state to live in the moment and stop criticizing myself.”


“Janae is a very different type of trainer.  She knows what she is doing as far as gaining muscle and releasing fat as she likes to call it.  But way more than that she sets your mind right.  She helps balance your life and create abundance in all areas.  She does it in a way that is easy and effective.  My life is forever changed and improved because of my time with her.”


I don't know how to thank you enough for truly believing in me long before I believed in myself.  After all the injuries I had in the military, I was getting to the point where I thought this was maybe as good as it gets.  Then God brought you into my life right when I needed you the most.  You showed me new ways to strengthen the muscles around the injuries, helped me to adjust my diet, and motivated me with that fantastic spirit of yours.  In the last nine months, I have cut my body fat in half from 28% to 13.5%, went up to two shirt sizes, and added around 33 lbs. of muscle.  I went from curling 40 lb to 100 lb Barbell and my bench went from 125 to 275 lbs.  There is no way I could have ever done it without you!  

You have changed my life forever in so many ways and you are much more than just a great trainer.  You have also become a dear friend.  Thank you!

Willaim Staples

“Janae's transformation program helped me break up with my old self and beliefs that were not serving me anymore. She quickly helped me create healthier more empowering beliefs and habits to make my transformation much easier than I thought it would be.  Just small steps that made big changes over time.”

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